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Is your portfolio meeting the needs of your customers?

Should you be segmenting your customers by profitability or strategic value?

Has the data on your customers which you pay to maintain delivered dividends in terms of better service, improved business, and visibility into their needs?

Answering these questions not only allows you quick wins and sustainable improvements in customer service. Being able to visualize these results in improved sales and better relationships with your customers.

The quick wins typically come from under utilized data or intelligence which is difficult to get at. By quickly identifying areas of poor performance in your operations (customer service, distribution, manufacturing) or highlight well-performing areas to share best practices, you will be able to deliver your best to your customers.


“We’re using the Order Throughput and Attainment  Tool to build an analysis of line and labor hour variances by resource and material. This helped us identify opportunities where we can improve our run rates, and analyze the ramifications of not running at standard set in SAP.  With Qlikview, we easily got better clarity on our internal processes and improved the ratio of scheduled rate vs actual rate from 90% to 93%.” – Manufacturing Resource Planning Lead, Consumer Packaged Goods




Order Throughput and Attainment Tool

  • Compare your Planning vs Actual through by looking at snapshots of orders at certain agreed periods and actual production quantity.
  • Quantify performance issues at resource/product service level to give you a more actionable solution.
  • Provides entire business overview so that you can see at a glance what’s going on, how much, where and when.

Customer Service Tool

  • Displays customer service from the customer’s point of view, On-Time-In-Full (OTIF), allowing you insights into their behavior and trends.
  • Provides answers on customer service for top customers/region/brand/category, which means you never have to wait for a solution.
  • Provides platforms for collaborative discussion with customers, enabling you to interact with them better and boost your relationships.

Delivery Forecast Tool

  • Provides a full planning horizon view of supplier delivery requirements, leaving you always prepared.
  • Enables early sharing of requirements, increasing supplier communications and demand change responsiveness, so you know what’s coming and going at any time.