Fact Based Decision Making
Turn your BI tools from pretty to practical. Our Dashboards enhance the decision making process, by answering "Where We Are Today" and "How To Win Tomorrow". One of the core capabilities needed to deliver business results with Big Data and Actionable Intelligence.
Start NOW! With Pre-Built Tools
Achieve quick wins fast with analytics built by our data scientists. Rapidly changed our visualizations to answer your strategic business questions, perform scenario analysis, use adjustable targets. Our Intellectual Property is designed into the Actionable Intelligence eco-system to add value via an iterative process of feedback and corporate training.
Connect Islands of Information
Visualize your entire business with greater transparency and increased agility. Our data scientists are domain experts in Financial Services, Supply Chain and Retail. As people, we will help break down silos between departments and provide facts at your fingertips. Business planning meetings move from gut-based to fact-based by providing answers to Strategic Business Questions with a simple click.

Actionable Intelligence

Next-generation Business leaders are finally implementing "information supply chains" eliminating silos and calculating the value of intelligence. They are leveraging big data and developing capabilities to seize opportunities. Using data from various departments to answer strategic business questions, Organizations are using Business Intelligence to stay competitive.

These capabilities enable companies to seize opportunities that others cannot. Companies that fail to leverage their own big data by breaking down silos  to extract actionable intelligence may miss out on potentially massive savings and could succumb to their competitors and current marketplace forces.

In the current business environment, information is key to making good business decisions. Does your company information system:

  • Enable execution on the right information, right time, right decisions, reduce costs and boost profitability?
  • Provide fast actionable answers for efficient phase-in/phase-out processes and use of inventory?
  • Reduce Total Time to Recovery from catastrophe quickly and effectively?
Tools Completed
Global Locations
Million Dollars In Business Results So Far!
People Trained on Actionable Intelligence

Sales and Operations Planning

Supply Chain
The S&OP Data Analysis Suite allows you to find opportunities. Finally, instantly see changes in supply, demand, and inventory anywhere in the supply chain. End To End! Eliminate unprofitable business segments and focus on both higher margin and high volume business. Reduce complexity, focus on winners, deliver results. Take charge of your business today!

Financial Intelligence Tool

What do Corporate Treasurers, Credit and Risk Compliance, Supply Chain Leaders and Wealth Managers, Mergers and Acquisition due diligence leaders all have in common? In an environment fraught with VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) they all have the fiduciary responsibility to ensure the company keeps its principle and earns benefits with minimal or no actual loss. Risks and opportunities come in many forms, geopolitical, currency, leadership changes, competition, and more. Fortunately, today we have more information than ever before to make fact based decisions about where to deploy our resources and money to achieve the best outcome.


Actionable Intelligence
Actionable intelligence comes to life when areas of the business that don’t normally share information begin to do so. There is also a cultural shift required as visibility worries executives. Before results can be seen, employees must first be convinced that using actionable intelligence will make their lives easier and more transparent, which is more than just top-down governance change. 1st Call Consulting will need to provide a variety of projects to keep the intelligence team members engaged by constantly learning.Change begins by establish the actionable intelligence team as a shared service.

Survey of 100 Business Leaders: Big Data Capabilities Needed

People Capabilities 68%
Data Quality 64%
Big Data Tools 56%
Deliver a story about risks and opportunities, daily 40%
Fact-based culture 60%

Strategic Business Questions

Questions Business Leaders Always Ask
- Are we selling our most profitable products? - How do we improve our customer service - How can we decrease our inventory? - Who is most influential customer on social media? - What's the impact of XYZ disaster?
Questions Line Managers Ask
- How can I see customer needs more clearly? - What's the best company to invest in or work with? - Which country should I allocate resources to? - How can I get accurate data and make decisions fast? - If I don't have enough data, how can I get it? - Where can I get people who can crunch data fast?
Our Approach: Deliver Actionable Intelligence
SWAT Iteration Framework 1. Strategic Questions 2. Wrangle Data 3. Analyze Visualizations 4. Take Action